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How to Be Awesome on Your Way to Being Epic

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Stop Making Excuses

Aren’t you tired of blaming your parents, your looks, your level of intelligence, money (or lack thereof), and everything else for what you don’t have in your life? I sure am tired of my excuses, so I’m doing something about it. Limiting thoughts and negative self-talk come from years of being conditioned to believe that you’re not good enough and not deserving enough to have or be what you want. Dr. Wayne Dyer believes you can reprogram your thoughts into positive, life affirming action. I agree. I am reading this book now and am enjoying moments of clarity. Get the book, unlearn all that crazy talk, and step into a new state of thinking and being.

Assess Your Life

The Clean Sweep Assessment is a comprehensive tool for looking at the four most important areas of your life: Your environment, relationships, well-being, and money. It is a checklist of 100 statements designed to help you get clear with where you are and take steps to making changes. Click here to get started.

Take the Clean Shift: 21-Day Clutter Free Challenge

My declutter process started back in November when I decided I’d had enough of being stuck, unhappy, and consistently disappointed in both my personal life and my work. I needed to step back and look to see how I was blocking what I said I wanted and take responsibility for that. I realized that by holding on to what wasn’t working – a unfulfilling relationship, clutter, a self-defeating mindset – I was holding myself back from the life I said I wanted. My good friend and colleague Hakikah saw what I was doing and was motivated to acknowledge one of her gifts, helping people declutter their living spaces, and created this challenge. Clutter sucks up energy. You can’t think clearly, creatively, or openly with a home and mind full of junk. These 21 days will change your life. Sign up here and tell her I sent you.

Become a Health Coach

Most of us are walking around with a lack of clarity about our lives and what it truly means to be happy, healthy, and whole. Being in service to others is a great way to move into a space of openness, clarity, and abundance. Reclaiming your health and happiness while helping others do the same offers rewards beyond measure. Institute for Integrative Nutrition is offering up to $1,500 and/or an iPad for students who enroll by Monday at 5:30pm (yes, the office is open for registration). Click here for more information.

Become Your Own Astrologer

I’ve been a student of Kabbalah and Tantric Numerology for a little longer than I’ve been health coaching, and it has helped me shape a new perspective on how I relate to the everyday motions of life. You can gain amazing personal power by learning to interpret and understand your astrological chart. Join renowned astrologers Tali and Ophira Edut (The AstroTwins), columnists for and TV Guide, and authors of several astrology books—for this 5-lesson Live Online Course as they teach you to unlock your cosmic code. Learn to work WITH your natural strengths, and allow happiness, prosperity, and satisfying relationships to flow in your life! Click here for details.