Get Holistic with Your Health

We all want to be healthy and feel good in our bodies, but the current paradigm focuses way too much on achieving an ideal body type through calorie restriction, demonizing foods, deprivation, dieting, and willpower. And we’ve been immersed in this behavior for decades, essentially going insane by doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

Food and physical activity are important components of optimal health, but they are not the only areas of our lives that promote our health and well-being. Our friendships and intimate relationships, physical environment, work, finances, spiritual practice, and our sense of safety, pleasure, joy, and creativity all impact our choices and health outcomes.

Instead of focusing on what we think is bad or wrong about our current choices, numbers on the scale, or BMI, how about we shift the focus to adding in and doing more of what feels good and is good for us?

If you are

  • struggling to reach your health goals
  • busy but not productive
  • doing all the right things and not getting results you desire
  • wanting to make changes to your diet and increase your physical activity
  • feeling overwhelmed by all the diet and nutrition information out there
  • unfulfilled in your relationships and/or your work
  • feeling disconnected from the activities and experiences that used to bring you pleasure and satisfaction

you’re in the right place.

Honeybee Holistic Wellness Collective is an online membership community for action takers who want to feel good in their bodies and their lives without focusing on dieting, deprivation, BMI, or the numbers on the scale.

Together, we’ll achieve our wellness goals by clarifying our desires, engaging in continuous personal development, creating new habits such as meal planning and time blocking, cycle syncing, daily physical activity, and taking consistent action.

We’ll engage in daily physical activity to provide structure, improve our energy and endurance, and to just feel good. We’ll choose foods that taste good and are good for us. We’ll create new habits. We’ll support each other by maintaining firm boundaries while being flexible and fluid.

Membership to Honeybee Holistic includes

  • access to a private online community for ongoing support
  • monthly coaching calls
  • annual access to an on-demand fitness, yoga, and dance video library
  • daily accountability via an app
  • meal plans that accommodate any dietary preference
  • nutrition-dense foods, supplements, and snacks

Morning Meltdown 100 -- Be the Author of Your LifeHoneybee Holistic’s Wellness Collective is for motivated humans whose health goals go way beyond losing weight and are

  • ready to get uncomfortable and challenge themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically
  • action-takers
  • looking for community and connection
  • 18 or older
  • a resident of the US, Canada, United Kingdom and/or France and are not currently working with or assigned to a Beachbody Coach

Membership to the Honeybee Holistic Wellness Collective includes:

  • Annual Beachbody on Demand Membership with access to 1,100+ workouts you can stream 24/7
  • Beachbody Guide to Nutrition
  • Mat
  • Foam Roller
  • 30-day supply of Shakeology*
  • Beachbody Performance Recover
  • Beachbody Performance Hydrate
  • Beachbody Performance Energize
  • Shakeology Shaker Cup
  • Shakeology Performance Shaker Cup
  • Beachbody Performance Energize 10-pack
  • 12 months of health and accountability coaching with Melissa Danielle, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

You’ll show up for yourself by taking consistent action and tapping into the Honeybee Holistic Wellness community for accountability and support. Your initial purchase includes 12 months of accountability coaching at no extra cost as a member of Honeybee Holistic Wellness Collective. If it’s not what you expected, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

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*Beachbody On Demand (BOD) renews annually. Shakeology will automatically renew each month until you cancel. Please read the subscription details carefully on the order page. Cancelling Shakeology does not affect BOD annual membership.

Honeybee Holistic’s Wellness Collective is not for you if

  • you are solely focused on losing weight
  • you have a problem with fat and fat people
  • you’re healing or recovering from an eating disorder
  • you are unable to maintain the financial commitment with ease
  • you make excuses and have a victim mindset
  • you don’t like working out / working out at home
  • you don’t like people who use profanity or strong language
  • you are already working with a Beachbody Coach or have a coach assigned to your account
  • you live outside the US, UK, Canada, and/or France

About Honeybee Holistic

Chances are you’re feeling overwhelmed, overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated in your personal and professional life. You want to make better choices, but you don’t want to give up what feels and tastes good in order to feel good in your body and in your life.

Our current options for healthy living are full of eat this, not that, and rarely take into account what we have going on in our lives or even that some of us are fine with the size we’re at, we just want to feel stronger, empowered, well rested, and energized. Sure, you’ll eat a kale salad or drink a smoothie, take a walk or work out, but you also want a life that includes bacon, brownies, sleeping in, and maybe even a shot of bourbon.

You want to figure out how to ease into healthier choices by adding in more of the good stuff instead of focusing on what you “can’t” or “shouldn’t” eat/do. You want to try different foods and workouts at your own pace without judgment.

As you maintain committed and consistent, your weight may not change, but your skin might clear up, you may get the best sleep you’ve had in years, and your endurance, stamina, and even libido may increase. And maybe, you’ll no longer need the things you thought you needed to feel good.

That’s Honeybee Holistic.

Melissa DanielleAbout Melissa Danielle

Melissa Danielle is an Independent Beachbody Coach and Health Coach trained at Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Click here to learn more about Melissa. Click here to learn more about health coaching.

Please take care of yourself by not investing in any program that may cause financial strain, or before speaking with your primary healthcare provider about increasing your level of physical activity and incorporating new foods and supplements into your diet.

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