Get Holistic with Your Health

What is Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching?

Integrative nutrition health coaching offers a dynamic approach to promoting healthy habits and behavior change by empowering the individual to proactively engage in improving their health. Integrative Nutrition Health coaches are trained professionals who use motivational interviewing to meet clients where they are.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I use a Health at Every Size approach to help women feel good in their bodies without dieting and deprivation. Instead of focusing on weight loss, I encourage my clients to make gradual changes to their diet and lifestyle over time, without counting calories, dieting, or deprivation. This way, they will be better equipped to handle the challenges that arise with adapting new behaviors. By not focusing on weight loss, they will be able to measure their progress in ways that have nothing to do with the scale.

Beyond food and physical activity, Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches encourage a whole health approach to wellness, which includes building healthy relationships at work and at home, engaging in meaningful work, cultivating a spiritual or mindfulness practice, pursuing hobbies and creative endeavors, spending time outdoors, volunteering, and more.