Health Coaching at Work

The following programs can be customized to meet the budget and goals of your company and employees. I work with clients in-person in Hawaii as well as virtually. I am also available to travel.

Wellness Jumpstart

  • Monthly Lunch n’ Learn workshops — topics include stress, energy, and time management, healthy meal options on-the-go
  • Chair massage — 10-20 minute sessions to relieve tension, increase body awareness, and improve mood and well-being
  • Lunch, Office Kitchen and company meeting makeover — explore and implement healthy and sustainable ideas and substitutes to the snacks, meal delivery, and catering options currently served
  • Monthly Wellness Challenge — create monthly wellness challenges based on the national awareness day/month calendar with team building activities incentives
  • Monthly newsletter — health tips, recipes, and other relevant information to motivate and inspire

Beachbody Challenge Group

Beachbody is a leading provider of fitness, nutrition, and weight loss programs that gets results. As an Independent Beachbody Coach, I host challenge groups for companies to provide support and accountability to participants of Beachbody’s programs.

To participate in a Challenge Group, an individual purchases a challenge pack, which includes a subscription to Beachbody on Demand as well as fitness accessories and supplements for the program they’ve signed up for. They will then be invited to the Challenge Group via an app they can install on their phone. Within the app, they will be able to log workouts and nutrition on a daily basis for the duration of the challenge. Participants will also be invited to join biweekly check-in calls via Zoom to discuss their progress and challenges.

There are two ways to implement a Beachbody Challenge Group as part of a worksite wellness program.

Option 1 (recommended): The company enrolls as an Independent Beachbody Coach and offers their employees an opportunity to participate in a challenge group. Employees become Beachbody customers, signing up using the enrollment link the company provides to the employer’s Coach account.  The company (Coach) can use the commissions earned from their employee’s (customer) purchases to purchase employee incentives or reimburse the cost of the Beachbody Challenge Pack an employee may have purchased, when the employee has met their health goals. The company (Coach) receives a 25% discount on orders they place.  A good way to use the discount is to order nutritional supplements for the office kitchen, meetings, and events. There is a monthly business service fee associated with each Independent Beachbody Coach account.

After the first challenge ends, you can keep me on as your sponsoring Independent Beachbody Coach or you can assign an employee to coordinate and manage future challenge groups. I will provide ongoing support to the employee in this role.

Option 2: Employees sign up directly with me. I will create the challenge group and run it independently of the company.

I host two challenge groups, The Ultimate Portion Fix and Multi-Program.

  • The Ultimate Portion Fix Challenge Group is for anyone who wants to learn portion control to help them reach their weight loss goals. The Ultimate Portion Fix includes color-coded containers, over 30 short “how-to” videos, 300+ recipes, food lists, plus powerful strategies and healthy hacks to make meaningful, long-term weight loss achievable. You’ll learn how to eat the right foods, with the ideal ratio of macronutrients, every time. Your eating plan is based on your body type, lifestyle and goals. There are 3 paths through the program, Foundational Fix, Timed-Nutrition, and Carb-Cycling, that will help give you the ultimate flexibility with tons of delicious recipes to find lasting weight-loss successIntroducing Ultimate Portion Fix from TeamBeachbody on Vimeo.
  • The Multi-Program Challenge Group  is a “choose your own adventure” approach to wellness. Participants can choose from several Beachbody programs that includes a nutrition and meal planning guide along with a workout schedule. I will work with your employees to help them decide which Beachbody program is right for them.

It is recommended that you review Beachbody’s policies and procedures to ensure that it aligns/is in compliance with any policies that determine the employer/employee relationship of your company. 

Ready to get started? Give me a call today at 347-927-2855.

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