Melissa Danielle I’m Melissa Danielle, Women’s and Maternal Health Coach, Beachbody Coach, and Licensed Massage Therapist. I help women make peace with their periods so they can give birth to babies and dreams. I also mentor moms and moms-to-be who want to reimagine motherhood on their own terms, one that allows them to build a thriving wellness business without burning out or missing out on prime family time.

I’ve studied with Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Bebo Mia, Women Honoring Women, Nneka Hall, Ecstatic Birth, and others to help women resolve the hormonal imbalances responsible for PCOS for overall health and vitality and support them on their motherhood jouneys.

For over 15 years, I’ve built community around food and wellness, helping people connect the dots between their desires and their choices, getting people outdoors, creating new relationships with food and fitness, and creating a life of wellness that prioritizes pleasure over dieting, willpower, and deprivation.

I host online and in-person fitness and wellness programs and show driven women how to do the same.