7 Reasons to Implement a Workplace Wellness Program

  1. Improve Employee Well-Being and Morale
  2. Increase Productivity
  3. Decrease Healthcare Costs
  4. Decrease Absenteeism / Sick Leave
  5. Decrease Health Risks
  6. Increase Company Loyalty
  7. Improve Recruitment and Retention

I’m Melissa Danielle. Since 2005, I’ve facilitated community food and health programs in NYC and online as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. As a graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition, my training has uniquely prepared me to support the lifestyle needs of people who juggle multiple responsibilities, including work, family, and school.

I currently live and work in Hawaii, and am available to travel for workshops and events.

My approach to wellness is accessible and meets the individual where they are. Online and in-person options are available.

Workplace Wellness is a multifaceted approach to improving employee outcomes and can be designed to meet any budget as well as the specific needs of the company and its employees

I offer:

  • On demand fitness programs
  • 1on1 Health Coaching
  • Chair Massage
  • Lunch n’ Learns
  • New Parent Support
  • Development of Menstrual Leave Policies

Give me a call today at 347-927-2855 to discuss your workplace wellness needs and to see if we’re a good fit.

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