Umf 15 Manuka Honey

Umf 15 Manuka Honey. It is the nectar of the flower of the manuka bush. Immune modulation improve respiratory improve digestive system improve gut health

Pure New Zealand Certified UMF 15 Manuka Honey (8.8 oz) All Blacks
Pure New Zealand Certified UMF 15 Manuka Honey (8.8 oz) All Blacks from www.bonanza.com

The added benefit of the glass jar offers protection from any chemicals leaching into the honey unlike most manuka honey brands on the market that only offer plastic jars. The higher the umf rating, the more antibacterial activity the mānuka honey has and the more potency of mgo ( methylglyoxal) it has. Mgo ratings are used to measure manuka honey’s special properties;

Use Umf 15+ Mānuka Honey For Targeted Happiness.

It is world renowned for its unique and distinctive aroma, rich silky flavour and intensely delicious when eaten straight from the jar. The umf number represents the unique signature compoun Mānuka umf™ 15+ is a medical grade of mānuka honey.

Umf 15+ Manuka Honey Is Perfect For This As It Has A Slightly Stronger Flavour Than The Lower Umf Ratings And Provides A Lot Of Nutritional Value.

Our umf 15+ pouatu mānuka honey has a very high antibacterial activity level and healing properties that serve the purpose of: Certified manuka honey umf® 15+ (methylglyoxal content 515 mg/kg) umf® is a quality mark that ensures that all manuka honey sold with the mark has been independently tested for its methylglyoxal level and must have been packed and produced in new zealand. Umf™ 15+ manuka honey is suitable for:

Honey Bees Collect The Nectar From The Flower Of The Mānuka Bush.

Decades of manuka honey's research have culminated to identify the unique signature compounds found in genuine manuka honey. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. Healing burns and wounds soothing sore throats and coughs benefiting your oral health preventing gastric ulcers improve digestive symptoms treat acne

The Added Benefit Of The Glass Jar Offers Protection From Any Chemicals Leaching Into The Honey Unlike Most Manuka Honey Brands On The Market That Only Offer Plastic Jars.

The higher the number, the more special properties the honey has. Non gmo project verified 100% pure manuka honey from new zealand certified umf 15+ (umf license # 2252) 515 mg/kg of natural methylglyoxal (mgo 515+) umf factor the umf® grading system appraises natural markers found in manuka honey, and assures purity and quality. Conquer seasonal health threats and many other conditions with one of nature’s best super foods.

Center Of Eden Raw Manuka Honey Umf 15 + Mgo 515+ New Zealand.

Umf 15+ mānuka is our best selling mānuka. Honeyworld manuka honey umf 15 + 500g. Manuka honey with umf24+ has very high peroxide activity, mgo over 1200mg/kg and leptosperin over 200mg/kg.

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